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The Eastern Anatolia Region (Turkish: Doğu Anadolu Bölgesi) is one of seven non-administrative subdivisions of Turkey and encompasses its eastern provinces. Some places are parts of the historic Armenian Highland is located within this region.

The region and the name "Doğu Anadolu Bölgesi" were first defined at the First Geography Congress in 1941. It has the highest average altitude, largest area, and lowest population density of all regions of Turkey.

Eastern Anatolia Region is located in the easternmost part of Turkey. It is bounded by Turkey's Central Anatolia Region on the west, its Black Sea Region on the north, its Southeast Anatolia Region and Iraq on the south, and with Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia on the east. Some Armenian sources use the term Western Armenia for the region.

The area of the region is 171.061 km², 21% of the total area of Turkey.

Since most of the region is far from the sea, and has high altitude, it has a long winter and short summer periods. During the winter, it is very cold and snowy, during summer the weather is cool in the highlands and warm in the lowlands. The region has the lowest average temperature of all Turkish regions.(-25°C). Although it can get below -40°C. The summer average is about 20°C.

The region's annual temperature difference is the highest in Turkey.
Some areas in the region have different microclimates. As an example
Iğdır (near Mount Ararat) has a milder climate.
The region contains 11% percent of the total forested area of Turkey. Oak and yellow pine trees form the majority of the forests. It is rich in native plants and animals.

The region has high potential for hydroelectric power.


Ağrı Province
Ardahan Province
Bingöl Province
Bitlis Province
Elazığ Province
Erzincan Province
Erzurum Province
Hakkari Province
Iğdır Province
Kars Province
Malatya Province
Muş Province
Tunceli Province
Van Province

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